About O’Creek

Patrice Daigle, formerly from Pointe Sapin, NB, enjoyed dabbling in the art of brewing beer from his home in Dieppe. After making many successful batches at home and enjoying the reactions of his friends and family to his creations, in 2017 he decided to buy a larger home brewing kit and really dive into the art of craft beer and the industry.

With countless hours in his basement with his 1barrel brewing system, spending time with local brew masters and attending many local beer festivals, he organically gathered a faithful following from the craft beer community.

Thanks to the support and his new friendships with local microbreweries, notably Cavok, he was able to meet the demands of producing beer for a larger distribution in the provincial liquor stores (which was a big step). As he enjoyed the growth of his nano-brewery business, Patrice was always looking for the right opportunity to take his brand to the next level and into a full scale microbrewery and taproom. The opportunity just did not yet present itself until 2021.


In the month of January 2021 when communities around the world were asked to keep a small bubble due to Covid, Entrepreneurs Nick Spataro and John Gonzales were chatting with real estate agent Greg McAfee following a workout in a warehouse on Barker street. One thing that was discussed was the idea of starting a microbrewery in the exact space that they were standing.

Between the 3 of them, they had decades of experience growing businesses and managing in the food and service industry, although neither of them knew anything about brewing beer. This discussion started the search for that missing link.

As fate would have it, the three entrepreneurs asked for help from a local commercial real estate agent that had also been in contact with Patrice who was planning his eventual expansion. The four were introduced and first met in May 2021. It was then that their visions were shared on what a partnership would look like and how they could all potentially add to the craft beer landscape in New Brunswick.

Over the next 2 years, they had countless meetings and numerous discussions to bring the vision of O’Creek brewery to life!